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The mission of the Highlands Plateau Audubon Society is to provide opportunities to enjoy and learn about birds and other wildlife and to promote conservation and restoration of the habitats that support them.

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Big Bird Box Real Estate Boom!!
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314 Species on the Brink
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Franklin Bird Club

HPAS Places Nesting Boxes
on Cashiers Library Grounds

Christmas Bird Count
Friday, Dec. 18th, 2016

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The nest box ad-hoc committee 
  summaries of nesting results:
Dr. Olga Milenkaya (Young Harris College) refers to the boxes that she has been monitoring during the 2016 season.
Dr. Barbara Ballentine and her student, Traci Ballance - 2016 results as related to the boxes they checked in Macon and Jackson Counties.
William McReynolds - Nest Box Totals and
data analysis.
Michele Styring - Nest Box Observations
as of March 2017

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      Hemlock Restoration Initiative
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             Mountain Warbler Buzz December 2017

Seventeen birders braved the freezing temperatures and snowy ground to complete our Christmas Bird Count on Friday, December 15.  This is Highlands and we are used to it.  It did not seem to bother the birds for we found 47 species and a total of 1,109 individuals.  The number of species was a high number for the last several years.  Details will be published later, or you can visit the National Audubon web site for a complete listing of the species observed.
The picture shows everyone after enjoying a chili lunch at the Hudson Library.

Happy New year to everyone!

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