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Highlands Plateau Greenway
The Highlands Plateau Greenway is a non-profit organization whose mission is to develop a system of walking and hiking trails that protect and connect the natural settings and historic sites of the Highlands, N. C., area.

Treasure Highlands
Check out this website. It is about a new program to encourage learning and citizen involvement with our Highlands Plateau environment. This program is sponsored by Audubon NC and its partners, Highlands Biological Station, Highlands Nature Center, and your own Highlands Plateau Audubon Society. Further details will be appearing in the local newspapers.

Carolina Bird Club
North Carolina Audubon
News of what is going on at the state level as well as interesting  articles and information concerning birds and other wildlife.

Mountain Laurel Magazine
The Laurel Magazine of Highlands NC and Cashiers NC is the information and  lifestyle magazine for this beautiful WNC area.

Feeding Birds, Not Bears
List of references of interest

What Bird  
What Bird - "The Ultimate Bird Guide"  Just about everything a birder needs all on one website.  This site includes bird calls, methods of visual identification, birds in specific areas, books, feeders . . .                                                                    
Highlands-Cashiers Land Trust
"The mission of the Highlands-Cashiers Land Trust is to preserve the natural areas, scenic beauty, and green spaces of the Highlands-Cashiers Plateau
for the enjoyment and benefit of the public."
North Carolina Birding Trail
From the website...about NCBT:  "Our trail is more than just lines on a map. It physically links great bird watching sites and birders with communities, businesses and other local historical and educational attractions. Efforts to develop the North Carolina Birding Trail began in October 2003. The trail is presently being developed for the coastal plain. Future plans are to expand westward to include the piedmont and mountains."

Project FeederWatch
Project FeederWatch participants are Citizien Scientists.   Would you like to add to the enjoyment of your backyard birding by helping to collect scientific data on bird populations?  It's really easy.  Project FeederWatch is sponsored by Cornell Laboratory of Ornithology.  Record the numbers of birds of each species that you see at your feeder.  There's no minimum requirement for the amount of time you watch each day and no penalty if you miss a week here and there.  You will enjoy having a "purpose" for your daily bird watching.  Your $15 participant's fee covers the materials and instructions and a subscription to the newsletter, Birdscope.

 North Carolina Natural   
This website is a large resource of links and information relating to the outdoors and Western North Carolina.  There is a monthly list of wildflowers (really great!), a Weather link that is very specific, Books, Event Calendars, Music and Festivals, and much more. 

The National Zoo - Smithsonian  
As the name would imply, there is much of interest here. Check out each drop-down menu.  Under Animals choose Birds.  There is a Bird of the Month, information on shade grown coffe, games, webcams, research articles, etc. Under Conservation & Science, choose Migratory Birds.  Under Shop, there are items to purchase in the Migratory

Western North Carolina Nature Center
 Conservation and wildlife news, conservation sites, events Nature Center news and much more.
North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences
Check out "Fun Stuff".  It contains Nature Notebook, coloring pages for kids and a new profile of plants and animals every week!
 The "Bird Call Challenge" is fun.  There is a section on wildflower identification.  A wide variety of information on plants as well as animals is available at this site.
 Avibase - The World Bird Database
Avabase is a taxonomic clearinghouse hosted by the nonprofit organization Bird Studies Canada.  It covers all the world's avian species and provides the latest information on nomenclature, classification, subspecies and conservation status.  There are also range maps at the country level.  It contains 1.4 million records about 10,000 species and 22,000 subspecies.

 Birding Pal
Find a local birder to go birding with - worldwide.

 Operation Migration
The mission of Operation Migration is to promote the conservation of migratory species through innovative research, education and partnership.                 

 Wekiva Basin Banding Station
Set up in 1994, the Wekiva Basin Banding Station is the longest continuously running bird banding station in Florida. Once the original project in Wekiwa Springs State Park ended, a new location was found to continue monitoring just South of Wekiwa Springs. Currently operating on the property of Lake Lotus along the Little Wekiva River (part of the Wekiva Basin), they track bird activity through Central Florida from August through May each year. Lake Lotus in Altamonte Springs is just north of Orlando, Florida, USA on Maitland Boulevard (414).  Wonderful bird pictures on this site.

Visitors are welcome with advanced notice as parking instructions are necessary. Contact Bander-in-Charge Andrew Boyle at if you are interested in viewing the banding process and check the blog for upcoming banding schedules which are subject to change due to weather. Scheduled banding times are listed at the bottom of the most recent blog entry.

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The Northeast Bird Monitoring Handbook
Conservation through Improved Monitoring

Tracking Feeder Birds with RFID
        A Cornell Ornithology Lab Video
Wings to Soar
Wings To Soar is a non-profit Environmental Organization. We care for non-releasable Birds of Prey, It is our hope,that through these incredible raptors we may help open the doors to the infinite
beauty of nature.

Serving Highlands, Cashiers, Franklin
and Scaly Mountain
in Western North Carolina
National Audubon
Audubon North Carolina
The mission of the Highlands Plateau Audubon Society is to provide opportunities to enjoy and learn about birds and other wildlife and to promote conservation and restoration of the habitats that support them.

Highlands Plateau
Audubon Society
Chapter Officers and Contacts
Join Highlands Audubon Society
Franklin Bird Club Events
Articles of Interest
Bird List
Community Involvement
Recent Outings
Field Trips & Programs
Serving Highlands, Cashiers, Franklin
and Scaly Mountain
in Western North Carolina
Best Binoculars of 2013: The Cornell Lab Review

Cornell Lab reviewed more than 100 pairs of binoculars, narrowing them down to a total of 28 top picks in five price ranges. But there's no one perfect pair to recommend to everyone—so check out these six steps to decide what you like, then scroll down to browse their Top Picks.
Serving Highlands, Cashiers, Franklin
and Scaly Mountain
in Western North Carolina
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Laurel Magazine - Highlands
                            Guide to Highlands and Cashiers
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Feather Atlas
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